Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bentos #10 and#11

These days are so packed, just like my bentos haha.. not really. I have been seriously trying to eat a little bit more healthily but every now and then, I do cheat.

Did I mention something about the 3 Hour Diet? Oh yeah, I did. I have yet to prepare any of the recipes recommended from their diet plan but I promise that when I do, I will definitely share it here.

I am trying to design bentos which is light enough to last me the entire day since the 3 Hour Diet recommends that I eat every 3 hours. So, these bentos are actually prepared with that in mind. I can tell you though, I am really enjoying this diet. Only time will tell if I will lose weight or actually put on haha.

Bento #10, Tuna, egg and weight watchers mayonnaise on wholemeal bread, dried garlic bread which I got from the Japanese shop in MidValley, The Gardens, a plum, a kiwi fruit and some cucumbers.

Bento #11 - Crab sticks, hard boiled egg, with only 1 yolk. I gave the dog the other yolk (doggies can eat egg yolks, can they?? che-cheh?? Help me on this one please) Salad is made from carrots, cucumbers, yellow bell pepper, purple cabbage, pistachio nuts, weight watchers' mayonnaise on a lettuce bed.

I had a banana and a small apple on the way to work. And dinner was just normal. I will tell you if it works... provided I don't cheat big time... teehee.. else I will have to call my friend to find out more about the carbo blockers.

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erinalaw said...

U really keng lar!!!!! Must salute to you. You can still come to this far. For me, after a few days sure kaput liau. Sure look for yummy food. How to go diet leh............... but I am trying to have a good healthy habit.

YozoraNiteSky said...

hi erina. haha.. i can go on this diet only because it allows me to constantly eat. but if it was those where i can only eat meal replacements one hor.. sure beh tahan day also want to pengsan. but dinner still eat macam biasa.

Che-Cheh said...

I can see egg in your two bentos. Not very healthy le. :P CHOLESTEROL!!!

Ya ya dog can eat egg yolk. I didn't know you have a dog or is it 2 dogs?

YozoraNiteSky said...

che-cheh : those low cholesterol eggs count or not ah? I buy either those or Omega eggs these days. Phew.. thank you for the assurance. I have 2 doggies, but toy ones.. and not nearly as handsome as Chester

erinalaw said...

so far, does it work? Maybe must learn this from you liau

YozoraNiteSky said...

i need to do it for 10 days wor erina.. will monitor and let you know yeah :D