Friday, October 17, 2008

Bento #14

Ever since I found that little Japanese supermarket like outlet at the Gardens, Mid Valley, I have been going there almost every weekend. The people there are rather nice as they will take the time to explain to me what new products they have and also how to use some of the products. I have been buying quite a few interesting stuff from them each time.

One of the items I bought recently were rice cakes (I think that is what they are called). They are made totally of glutinous rice and they come in either rectangular pieces like those in the photo below and also in small disc forms. These can be either lightly fried in a little oil or put into sweet soups like the red bean soups to give it more body.

I also got some of these Egg Furikake. Looks very nice and interesting.

With just these two ingredients, I am ready to make my very simple Bento #14.

I just had to lightly fry the rice cakes and once they are done, i used a small piece of nori sheet to hold it up. Lightly smear some Japanese mayonnaise around the 3 sides of the cake and press it into a pile of Egg Furikake. And this is how it looks.

Cut up a plum or two, wash a bunch of grapes and some cherry tomatoes and you are ready.

And this is the end result, almost hassle free.

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twosuperheroes said...

wow...the rice cakes look really good, dear Y! Slurrrrps... Haha. :p

chenboon said...

interesting bento...
my sister in law just got the rice cake from Jusco, can try out your recipe soon.

Min said...

Every time I see your bento, I feel bad eating the kind of food I take. Yours is so healthy !

YozoraNiteSky said...

Supes: thank you :D. Missing your homecooked, when ah?

chenboon: oh yes please do and let me know if you like them. i want to used them in red bean soup next :)

min: these are great for lazy people like me haha.. i would trade them for your skills anytime Min..oh i so love your cakes and deco.

allthingspurple said...

Nancy ! your rice cakes are awesome !! Only you can make them rice cakes looks so martha stewart !! I got those rice cakes but usually just heat up in the microwave with some mirin and shoyu. YOurs took on a totally new dimension !!

YozoraNiteSky said...

oh Christene.. you know, necessity is the mother of all inventions. in my case, it is "tham chiak". i don't have a microwave oven at home. this is the only way i know how to cook them soft enough to eat haha