Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mango Cheesecake (recipe not included)

It has been a blastingly hot weekend... and standing in front of an oven baking was really out of the question *sweats*. I have been taking an average of 2 to 3 showers a day and just walking out of the air conditioned room to the kitchen to get a cup of iced tea is a hot affair. But I cannot let this weekend go by without doing something ... else I will have absolutely nothing to post here today.

I have been trying to enroll for a cheesecake class with my friend Susan at Melinda Apple Bakings but somehow the timing just wasn't right. Anyway, I have been looking at recipes from a cookbook plus that posted by several bloggers. Some are much harder to do than others and not being overly ambitions, I chose a highly simplistic recipe and added some fruits into the cheesecake to give it a little bit of added flavor.

I have made no bake cheesecakes in the past (oreo cheesecake and peach cheesecake) but i have yet to find one that I am totally happy with. I have found another one and this time, the filling was quite okay but I think the ingredients resulted in a tad too much base. I have to reduce the quantity of biscuits and butter for the base. I didn't make that big a cake and as I did this on Sunday night, by the time it was Tuesday, there was not much cake left. Could only bring 2 pieces to pass to Susan to test it out for me. I will have to wait for her verdict before I try to do it again. The other test bunnies had only this to say "Why is your base so thick ah??" Sigh.... back to the drawing board..

Will post the recipe only when I get it right :). So, watch this space.

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twosuperheroes said...

WAH.... We love your cheesecakes woh. Very beautiful colour!! But yeah, the base is a little thick eh. But nvm, as a whole is looks really nice. And how did you make those butterfly-shaped fruits?? (They're fruits right?!) :p

YozoraNiteSky said...

yeah..the base is really much too thick :(.Will have to try again. Those butterfly things are mangoes :)..didn't know how to decorate the cake with only 1 mango left hahaha.

Sue said...

nancy jie...the cake is yum yum, just that the base is abit thick only lah hehehe....next time put more mango hor ...hahaha thanksss for the yummy cake....:)

YozoraNiteSky said...

ok sue mei mei.. will take note of your comments and make the necessary adjustments..haha..more mango hor... must get a sweeter kind of mango to put in lah..with a smaller seed. the ones that I got had a huge seed, hence, left only very little mango flesh :(

lottery raffle said...

We should have a great day today.