Friday, March 14, 2008

Chocolate Cheese Cupcakes

Ha Ha.. have been totally thinking about chocolates since surfing some of the food blogs last evening that I cannot tahan anymore. Just have to find something chocolaty to satisfy the craving. No more chocolates in the fridge, finished all the chocolate ice-cream two nights ago.. aha.. I bought a fresh tub of cheese last Sunday...why don't I make myself some chocolate cheese cupcakes.

I actually recycled the recipe from the previous post, Chocolate Cheese Cake CCC but instead of making one big cake, I decided to make more work for myself and make cup cakes instead, plus also to see what I can turn up with this cream cheese frostings I got from the net.

This is the recipe for the frosting:-
  • 125g cream cheese
  • 30g butter
  • 150g icing sugar

Well, the cupcakes were not difficult but I do need a lot of help with the decoration part :(. Must really sign up for classes or plead to other bloggers for tips, suggestions, anything. When I got the cream cheese frosting done, that is where I hit a brick what?? It is too soft to be shaped into anything and anyways, I wanted to so desperately eat those cupcakes already haha..

Anyway, I just did some swirls, sprinkled some cocoa powder over them and....chomp, chomp, into one's cravings is sooooo wonderful ....just a little bit sinful though on the waistline :)

Brought some to the office for my little test bunny who is also babe's boiboi. Hope's he will like them.

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sksee said...

Neat blog you have here. Keep up the good job, especially the pictures. Yummylicous.

Feel free to drop by my blog anytime if you are in search for some tips on improving your blog.:)

YozoraNiteSky said...

hi sksee..thank you for dropping in and the comments too. yeah.. i will definitely drop in at your blog as I would really like to improve my blog(s)..have a great weekend

babe_kl said...

thanks for the cuppies. cant go wrong wid choc n cheese!!

dcyk said...

test bunny reporting in, still standing and not dead, YUMMILICIOUS!!

YozoraNiteSky said...

babe: you are most welcomed. I actually had my little test bunnies in mind when I made this batch :)

dcyk: thanks deric but shucks..2nd attempt and still cannot get to inherit your handphone ah???

Anonymous said...

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