Monday, January 12, 2009

Bellygood - A Pork Lover's Paradise

It has been my plan to visit this restaurant but somehow, the time was never right. The first time I saw this was on my way to a Christmas Party and another time was to meet up a friend for dinner...sigh. You've guessed it. I am really a true-ching-chong, whose best friend is the piggy, esply when it is bbq-ed :D.

Anway, I finally made it yesterday evening and even at 8pm, the crowd was virtually queuing up onto the 5-foot-way (exaggerating only lah).. haha..but there were 5 sets of people waiting in line before me. We had to write our names on the list and I saw that there was a group of 6 pax, 2 sets of 4 pax and 2 sets of 2 pax in front of me. So much for slowdown in the economy. We finally got our seats after about 15 mins of waiting. Not too bad.

Wow.. my eyes were salivating before my mouth could do so on their porky selections in the menu. Everything looked so tempting but I know that I will have to come back many times to try all of them. We ordered soups, starters, main porky main courses and of course desserts.

I did not managed to take photos of some of the dishes that came as they were wolfed down within seconds. But never mind, I managed to "steal" a photo here and there from Bellygood's website and a blogger named Donny Ang. Lovely shots Donny :D.

This is the Sausage Platter RM26.90 (Photo courtesy from Donny's post)

I must say that the food is really good, especially the ribs with their Honey Mustard Sauce. The next time I will order their platter, so that I can have of them in one dish, I mean on my own dish, without having to flick them from other people's dish.

They only have soup of the day (Mushroom for that night), but my oh my, the soup is lovely. RM8.30 a bowl

Apart from the food, the service is wonderful. Even though the place was packed and naturally the kitchen is already full steam ahead, tempers of some of the diners there were running a bit short, especially this rather round gentleman seated at the 5-foot-way table. He was showing his irritation towards the poor waitress when she could not tell him the name of the dish he was just served. Perhaps it was because she could not quite understand what he was asking. Overall, the waiters and waitresses kept their cool and their smiles intact. Kudos to them :D.

This Baked Portabello Mushroom with Bacon and Cheese must have fallen from Mushroom heaven..yuuuummm RM12.50.

The only thing that irritated me was the neighboring food outlet. We were seated outside as the air-cond area were full. And as we waited, the smell of the bbq was really agonizing (the stomach was doing its' flipflops already, as the wait was to be expected) and the smoke was horrible as it billowed quite thickly over to where we were seated and I can imagine the diners all swathed with oil particles in the air.. yuck!

Apple Pork Ribs with Mash and Coleslaw RM24.90 - This is a CNY Special

We ordered the Honey Mustard P. Belly (RM22.90) but the porky belly didn't not last long enough to see the light of (day) the camera's flash. This photo is taken from Bellygood's Menu.

There was no way I was going to end my feast without savoring these two beauties. These are 2 of the 3 flavors of Ice Cream Cakes they have on their menu. The 3rd one which we didn't order was their Mocha Ice Cream Cake. Next time my love... I promise you....

Cookies and Cream IceCream Cake (RM8.90)

California Raisin Ice Cream Cake (RM8.90). This has a hint of alcohol taste which is rather nice.

My verdict is that the food is great, the price is reasonable, the location is good. Their operation hours are 11am to 11pm everyday, with Mondays off. So, the next time I visit Bellygood, it will definitely not be a weekend :D as I want the totally undivided attention of their waiters and waitresses.

The Mixed Platter that I want to order on mynext visit (Photo also courtesy of Donny Ang's blog)


20, Jalan PJS 8-18,
Dataran Mentari,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
T 03 5630 1699

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Che-Cheh said...

I'm a porky fan too. The food pictures look so good. Mmmmmm...
Thanks for the recommendation.

Paul Tan said...

Is this near Wendy's Bistro?

YozoraNiteSky said...

che-cheh: *high5 my dear :).. I am sure you will enjoy it

Paul: it is actually Wendy's Bistro but i think they have changed name to Bellygood

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