Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sardine Puffs

I got a packet of puff pastry one weekend with the intention of making some yummy snacks. But got kind of lazy and didn't do much with it. Opened the packet last Friday to do the potpie and decided to use it for something simple like sardine puffs. Also since I have opened the packet, I didn't want to leave it in the fridge too long.

I tried this brand of puff pastry. It cost RM4:50 from Jusco.

Not too deft with shaping tarts and puffs so I had to make do with very simple designs. The first few sardine rolls were done with using only 1 piece of the puff pastry. Didn't turn out well at all as I must have put too much filling (greedy me) in to the puff that as they wear baking in the oven, the puffs all burst open..looked like they were yawning. Ate them up nevertheless...just so as to dispose off the evidence of "accident case" looking sardine puffs.

For the second batch, I decided to use 2 pieces of pastry to make one puff. They turned out rather flat this time. Could I have put in too little fillings this time?? Oh well, back to the drawing board for me. By the way, the pastry texture is so-so. Will try other brands later, that is when I am to lazy to experiment with making my own puff pastry :).

The Sardine filling is simply a tin of Sardines in Ketchup, 3 shallots sliced with some lime juice added to it and 1 red chillie chopped.

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Mochachocolata Rita said...

i love puff pastry....i think i can even eat it as it is with no fillings hehehe

YozoraNiteSky said...

actually so do i.. they are good even on their own :).. but i think the homemade ones are even better than this one which i bought ready made.