Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pau Dough

I was chatting with suesue of Cooking Momster-My Kitchen on Friday night on MSN and we were talking of our respect failures in making the perfect bread dough. That was when she recommended that I tried the pau recipe that given inside the box of Blue Key brand of Pau Flour. I wasn't sure if I was confident enough to make paus but then I thought to myself, don't try don't know wor :).

So, on Saturday night (don't know why but I seem to have inspirations to bake after dark. Maybe I was some kind of nocturnal animal in my past life or something) I went to the kitchen armed with the pau recipe to check if I have all the necessary ingredients. Goody, I have but also because it is a very simple recipe, which I reproduced below.

Basic Pau Dough

Blue Key Pau Dough 500g (1/2 a box)
Instant Yeast 6g (1tsp)
Sugar 100g (1/2 cup)
Shortening/Corn Oil 50g (1/4 cup)
Water 250g (1 1/2 cups)

I was too lazy to do this by hand so what I did was to dump everything into the bread machine. The pau dough turned out ok, soft and all. I used the red bean paste that I bought from the bake ware shop last week and I also cooked some meat for the filling for the following day.

The meat fillings

Ingredients for the meat filling

600g of minced meat
4 chopped water chestnuts
2 stalks of chinese parsley (chopped)
1 tsp of chicken stock granules
salt and pepper to taste
2 tbsp of corn starch
1tsp of sesame oil

All the ingredients for the meat filling were mixed together and left overnight in the fridge ready for the paus the following day.

My only complain is my own pau folding technique. These paus are definitely not ready for public consumption yet as they are don't have that commercial look. Suesue advised me to do it often as this technique takes a lot of practice. Okie.. suesue.. will do as you advise and hopefully the next batch of paus will be a improvement to look at :)

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Anonymous said...

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twosuperheroes said...

wah....nice woh the paus...not bad what. Looks very fluffy!! You're so talented la, Y..everything also tau buat. Haha.. so much to learn from you.. :p

Min said...

got pau folding technique meh ? I didnt know that.

babe_kl said...

wahliau, my pau flour still sitting in my fridge, so is my dau yong hahahaha

i dun care how they look la but the meat paus seems delish la. yes yes yes pls practice more, dun worry one cos lots of test bunnies here :p

YozoraNiteSky said...

twosuperheroes: pai seh lah.. i just like to play play only.. like masak masak.. sometimes turn out..sometimes have to terus masuk tong sampah (go straight into the rubbish bin).. *so embarassed*

min: got got...there are pretty paus like those they sell in the dim sum shops and the *sigh* ugly paus like mine which is only fit for home consumption :(

babe: can't wait for you to make the paus leh.. i know you will be much better at this than me.. coz i am so damn lazy.. just pakai the bread machine to do all the dirty work..hahaha

Sukkimi said...

hi hi,
when you say dump everything , is there in order which to dump first ?
Also which mode of cycle you use for this pau ?

YozoraNiteSky said...

hi Sukkimi. i have learned that for bread machines, one must always put the liquids first (water, milk) followed by the semi liquids (egg, shortening, margarine) and finally the solids, starting with flour, salt and sugar. the last to go in is the instant yeast.

i selected mode 8, which is for dough which will be removed to be baked outside the bread machine. hope i managed to answer your questions :). have a good week sukkimi.

Sukkimi said...

Oh i got it so is mode 8.
When u steam the pau, do u use those bamboo steamer?


suesue said...

Wei I also make Choy Pau yesterday but not too satisfied with the pau flour I bought at BWY. Not as soft as before. Still prefer the Blue Key Brand la.

YozoraNiteSky said...

sukkimi : so sorry my dear.. i thot i have answered your comment but that was the day when my network line was going bonkers.. the answer to your question was not.. i didn't have bamboo steamers. I merely have the aluminum steamer.

suesue : I think Blue Key Brand is a much better flour brand to use for paus. have a good weekend suesue :)

WarOfArt said...

Hey, thanks to a quick google search I came up with your recipe, thank you lots for putting it up. Believe it or not I first ate Min Pau in PerĂº, yup, I used to think it was just Chinese, but I guess somebody from Malaysia put up a restaurant all the way in PerĂº, 7 years passed and I still remember the min pau.

Since then I have not found it anywhere in the US, it was sooo delicious I just had to make it myself. I'll give it a shot soon, I relate the min pau with a lot of great childhood memories. Thanks.

YozoraNiteSky said...

warofart: i am so glad that google search brought you here:). yes, do give it a try and it is great to serve to friends too. take care and have a great week :)

WarOfArt said...

Here's the aftermath, the dough turned out a little bitter, not too much, might be the amount of yeast (I couldn't find the "Blue Key Pau" dough, so I had to make it myself) and it was a little thicker than I remember, other than that it was a good first attempt. Even the consistency was spot on.

Next time I'll find that Blue Key dough and put more filling.

YozoraNiteSky said...

WarOfArt: I am so happy that you are satisfied with your 1st attempt and I must congratulate you for your persistence in improving them. Do mail be some pictures the next time. Have a great week.

WarOfArt said...

If they turn out better, sure thing.