Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bento #1

This is my very first Bento and I must firstly thank Bento Pet for all her encouragements to me to start this Bento journey :). I hope to be able to qualify for her next Bento competition similar to the one she is currently organizing "Bento Pet's Bento Competition". I do so love her Winner's Haul.

I have taken the liberty of checking out some of the Bento bloggers who will be taking part in the competition. I am so glad that I'm will not be the one deciding on the winner. To me, each of them is a winner and most are clearly mummies and wives who have put so much love and care in each of the Bentos. I will be going back to many of their sites to learn and also to get more ideas as to how to fill up my own Bento box.

These are the few Bento bloggers whom I shall be stalking from now on....haha

Allthingspurple of Allthingspurple
LZMommy of BabiestZ
JustBento .. i love the little comment on the side bar which reads "Eat healthier, save money, maybe lose some weight with bento!"
And a whole lot of others.. and if you are interested, just hop over to Bento Pet's comment list here to find out who those other Bento bloggers are :)

At the moment, I do not have any of the nice bento boxes that some if not most of the Bento bloggers are using. I went shopping the other day at that outlet next to HomeFix at 1 Utama's new wing (cannot for the life of me recall the name of the outlet) and spotted several beautiful laqueured bento boxes.. the most expensive one costing RM999. Ha Ha.. this is definitely not a box that I can afford this lifetime. So, I ended up with a Lock'n Lock box which I reckon will serve its purpose for the time being.

Went home yesterday night to prepare some sushi rolls for today's lunch, washed some cherry tomatoes and lettuce leaves, cut up so carrot sticks and peeled some longans which I bought on Sunday. This morning, got up at 6am thinking that it would take me some time to prepare my bento box but I think since most of the work was done the night before, I only took less than 10 minutes to fill the box up (and that was because I had to cut up the sushi roll).

Wallah... my first Bento box....yum yum.. :)

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Bento Pet said...

Congratulations! I am so proud of you. The Lock & Lock box is a good choice because it's hardy and won't leak. Looking forward to number 2!

LZmommy said...

I can't tell this is your 1st bento :) It looks so yummy and the colour very nice too!

Thank you for mentioning my blog in your post :)

babe_kl said...

wat a lovely bento lunch, and healthy too

Che-Cheh said...

That's a healthy meal. Look very nice. :)

Sue said...

so colourful ler your bento lunch :)

YozoraNiteSky said...

bento pet: haha.. it is all thanks to you that i have finally picked up the courage to take this journey with you and all the bento bloggers. so happy to have "met" all of you. to a better and healthier lunch time :D

lzmommy: thank you for your compliment. you are most welcome (abt the blog mentioning) coz at least when people see my bento lunch, they will know who i stole the ideas from hahaha

babe: oh yeah.. trying to be a little more healthy here.. not getting enough of the other food groups lately.. just sugar, sugar and more sugar :D

che-cheh: come come.. che-cheh.. let us all bento together.. i am sure chester would love bento lunches and dinners too :)

sue: i know.. next time i will use our flower cutters to cut my carrots up.. sure will look much prettier hor.. but it is going to take ages to prepare though..mmmm..

twosuperheroes said...

wah..omg...love the little sushis inside! I don't mind eating this bento meal everyday!! Haha :p

YozoraNiteSky said...

ah.. then supes..you must make this as one of your lunch time staples wor.. it is also another very easy to make thing.. no baking required :D

allthingspurple said...

Both your bentos look good !!!
I would love to have that for lunch !!! Unfortunately I only have time to pack bento for my kids, not for myself. Perhaps when they are a little bit older.

YozoraNiteSky said...

hi allthingspurple. i think if you pack bentos for yourself, you get to fill your tummy... but when you pack bentos for your kids... you get to fill your heart .. and theirs too.. with love. have a great weekend yeah!

suesue said...

Wah now into bento d ya. Hahaha... terror la you.

YozoraNiteSky said...

suesue, i am waiting for you with your bento lunches since you just dug up those bento boxes from your store room :)