Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cup Cake Toppers Makes My Life Simpler

I have been rather busy doing a lot of exciting things of late and blog wise, I have appeared to be doing a lot of bento-ing rather than baking... so much so that Christene of AllThingsPurple gave me a call 2 weeks ago for a chat and also to ask me if I still bake. Ha Ha.. yeah I do.. especially for a good reason or a good cause. I have realized that baking for me is really a hobby that I love. It will never really be a business or a money making venture for me. The money bit may be okie but the time it takes to bake and decorate can be rather long. Furthermore money does not appear to be the compensation I seek from doing it. It is the happiness and joy from recipients faces that I seek and value. Perhaps that is why I have only been doing baking for family, friends and charity. And I really had a hard time convincing Christene that I will not accept any money for baking those few cuppies for her little girl's birthday. Read here for her little princess' birthday party. Ha Ha.. in the end, we reached a compromise. I will bake the cuppies and she will go get the toppers for the cuppies.

The spirals were done using the lovely rolling pin I bought at Cake Connections

These imprints were done using a little rolling pin which was a present from my good friend Susan (Sue mei mei)

For the cuppies' recipe, I merely used a simple butter cake recipe but added chocolate chips into one batch and dried strawberry bits in the other. The butter cake recipe was taken from Aunty Yochana's website here. I will normally try to use her recipes as they are guaranteed to work and furthermore, she uses weight measurements. I get a little worried sometimes when I read recipes when the ingredients are measured with cups.

A plain old cuppie design with a fondant table cloth design which I made

A cuppie that most child would love.. thanks to the added sprinkles and clown topper from Cake Connections

I actually took 2 evenings to prepare the cakes. The first evening was for the fondant and I know that fondant can be kept longer than the cuppies. I made the fondant into a few colors and set them aside. The next evening was for the baking and the laying of the basic decorations with the fondant and some sprinkles.

Now isn't this a lot prettier?

And this too?

I think if I were to have made the toppers for the cuppies, it would easily have taken at least one to two evenings shaping them as we need toppers for 40 cuppies. Hence, I am so glad that Christene was getting the cuppies toppers from Cake Connections.

The basic decorations on the cuppies which I did at home before they were sent to Christene's house

At Christene's place, we took out the cuppies and laid them all on the dinning table, took out the sprinkles and the toppers she bought and I think in less than half and hour, we were done decorating 40 cuppies. Opps.. forgot to mention. We were so efficient and quick as we also had a little helper. Her name is Kimberly (Christene's elder princess). She managed us using the convey style system. She will first dictate which of the cuppies get to be decorated with sprinkles (which was my job - to put on the sprinkles). Then her job was to stick on the topper and mummy's job was to put them into the plastic dome cup and staple them. See, when you have a system, everything works efficiently and quickly. This child has potential and I have already earmarked her for one of my projects when she grows up :D.

Pretty flowers for the little girls

Cute clowns for the little boys

I am so happy that people like Cake Connection has made my life as a cook(baker)wannabe so much simpler. When in need a great toppers, I know where to get them :)

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utterlycynical said...

Hey, the cuppies look so nice and I feel like putting one in my mouth now. I want to learn how to make and decorate fondant too. Do you know where can I find those recipes? or care to share? Thanks in advance!!!

allthingspurple said...

Nancy ! I didn't know you actually took 2 evenings over them. Thank you so much for making a difference in Ashley's birthday party ! The teachers, especially Principal Ruby, thanked you for the cupcakes and making the kids' day ! You should have seen their faces. What is it about cupcakes and kids? They just love them ! haha !

You can have Kimberly as your little helper for future projecs whenever you want. hee hee..just gimme a call !

YozoraNiteSky said...

utterlycynical : you'd like to learn how to make the fondant? what is your email? i will send my fondant recipe over to you and we'll start from there.

allthingspurple: it was great fun for me, baking and decorating that I didn't really feel the time pass. Yeah, Kids and Cuppies.. they do go together, like coffee and coffeemate hor haha.. haha.. yes, Kimberly has the aspirations and makings of a good baker and decorator..and in time to come, with all the classes she is attending at CC, she'll be much better than us.

Our Food Recipes said... have a nice food blog. Just added and faved you. Hope you can join Our Food Recipes. Thank you

Min said...

tq cake connection for the flowers too.. making our lives so much simpler. Those cuppies look so cute Yazora :)

YozoraNiteSky said...

Our Food Recipes: Thank you for dropping in and wow.. you do have a lot of blogs :). I will just link your blogger User Profile. Ok?

Min: Thank you Min.. those clowns and little flowers were apparently a hit with the children. I am so glad :D

Leeyen said...


Saw ur cup cakes from Allthingspurple's blog. They look so great! :)

YozoraNiteSky said...

hi leeyen, thank you for dropping in and your compliments. Made me very happy to read it :D. Please come by often yeah. Was at your blog too :D..very nice blog you have.

All about SweeTs said...

Hi Yozora, nice cuppies. I would like to share The Pink Sisterhood with you. Pls help to spread this awareness.

YozoraNiteSky said...

hi AllaboutSweeTs. Thank you for sharing The Pink Sisterhood.. and oh.. I think I will love your Cookie House blog. I do hope it is up soon.. and pls let me know yah :D