Monday, August 11, 2008

Cupcakes for Little Girls & their Mummy

I was so happily surprised when I read a comment made on one of my older post by one of my new bento friends, Christene of allthingspurple, that her little girl Kimberly liked the fondant flowers and butterflies which I made. And she politely asked if I can sell them to her .... haha.. that is about the highest compliment I have received so far since I started this Recipes blog of mine. A little girl liked them well enough to ask her mummy to buy them for her **still floating on this cloud happiness**.

Since I already had plans to make some cuppies as an offering for Tsog Offerings Day at my buddhist centre, Kechara House, I simply replied Christene that it would be my pleasure to make a few extra ones for her little girls (Kimberly & Ashley). Work on the flowers and butterflies started on Saturday as I needed for them to dry sufficiently. My theme for the cuppies for offering was just simple roses but cut some extra flowers with some butterflies from the extra fondant.

The cuppies were strawberry cuppies and orange with poppy seeds cuppies. But Christene later called me to tell me that her daughters' were only concerned with the fondant... not the cake.. haha...phew, luckily I remembered to pack them all the extra leaves, flowers and butterflies in a small container.

As I personally cannot bear to taken in all the sweetness of buttercream myself, I decided to make the icing for the girls out of whipped cream instead. The only problem with whipped cream is that refrigeration is necessary and fondant cannot take refrigeration. So, what I had to do is to put in the whipped cream first and store the cuppies in the fridge. Only at the last moment, when Christene said she was leaving her house to make her way over that I took the cuppies out of the fridge to add in the fondant flowers and butterflies.

These ones were for the girls....

This little green mouse is made of chocolate pellets which I melted and dropped into the moulds the night before.

An overkill with the number of flowers and butterflies on a cuppie .. but I was told the girls liked it like that :D

The green veins on the cuppie are made from royal icing

But I cannot forget about the girls' mummy and, these are for them....

I was a little worried as to whether the cuppies could take the hot journey back to her place but I got a call later (must have been 10 mins later after she has left with the cuppies and her girls) and told me that there is no need to worry about the cuppies... at least 4 of them are safe.......safely tucked inside the tummies of Ashley and Kimberly...hahaha.

Latest addition...... check out allthingspurple's blog for photos of her two lovely little princesses here.... they are the two prettiest little girls I have had the pleasure to meet... must be the genes from their mummy :D

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blueberrycheesecake said...

wow! the swirls are perfect! i can't even do that yet... and i love the butterflies! :)

KittyCat said...

Wow...another cupcake maker! As a non-craft person, I'm really amazed at the delicate, pretty items talented cooks like you can come up with :)

Sue said...

nancy jie...the roses are very pretty wor, whr did u buy the pink sprinkles? very nice colour wor

twosuperheroes said...

oh...I love the little little roses! They are so adorable! Haha. Very artistically done, dear Y... :p

MisSmall said...

The frosting looks soooo yummy!

YozoraNiteSky said...

blueberrycheesecake: it is actually quite easy to do as all the effort is done by the piping tube...we just need to squeeze haha..

KittyCat: thank you for your nice complements... the flower cutters do help a lot .. so does the availability of "ready to use" sugarpaste flowers.

sue: the roses and the pink sprinkles are bought from the Cake Connection. please go to my next post.. the link is there ;)

supes: the little roses are simple as no tools required.. just use hands and fingers

MisSmall: mmm whipped cream... much nicer to eat than buttercream.. but that is just my opinion..have a nice day.

allthingspurple said...

Yozora, did you see the look on Kimberly's face when I showed her the little container of fondant? ha ha. And Ashley somehow manage to pry it off Kimberly's finger and hog it all on her own till I offer her one of the cupcakes.

That was a lovely day for the girls. After all the gazing in rapt attention on the screen, Kimberly goes, "baby, which one you choose? I choose this one" playing choosing game on your screen pictures, now they finally get to eat them. ha ha.

They each have one again after lunch today. They absolutely love them.

Che-Cheh said...

Wow wow you're so talented. Maybe you should open a bakery shop. :)

allthingspurple said...

Hey there, I "took" your photos on the cupcakes when I blog about it cos my pictures were nowhere as nice as yours. Hope you don't mind.

hop over to :

to check it out!

YozoraNiteSky said...

allthingspurple: you have made my day, actually my entire week with all your compliments :)..thank you. I am so very happy that your two little precious liked them. I would have made more colorful flowers for them if i didn't have to rush the other cupcakes for offerings. next time okay?... to be continued haha.

oh.. take the pictures.. mind? not at all dearie.. it is an honor to have you want to take them for your blog.. appreciate it so much. will jog by your blog shortly. have a great week christene :).. hugs.

che-cheh: haha.. a little bit of talent but totally no capital.. at best only a little home baker... will you be my customer :D... or you need to take samples first... be more than happy for you to come over to pick them up.. and one specially for chester (that is if he is allowed to eat cake???)

LZmommy said...

Wow! I'm drooling for your cupcakes too! They are so well done up and I don't think I have the heart to eat it.

Mummy to QiQi said...

got over from allthingspurple's blog. Love your rose decor (am about to call you sifu liao). If only i have a chance to bake again (am now waiting for my twins to grow up quickly!)


YozoraNiteSky said...

LZmommy: haha.. don't worry.. there are more where they came from.. just say the word :D

mummy to qiqi: thank you for dropping in mummy. mmm.. i am sure that you will start baking again.. earlier than you think ;).. i am sure your twins will love whatever you make for them.