Monday, June 16, 2008

Fruit Tartlets

Ah Mah means grandma in some of the chinese dialets and last Saturday happened to be Ah Mah's 99th birthday. You say... ah.. 99 years old? That is 1 year short of a being a century old. Yup. That she is. But if you were to look at her photo, she sure does not look that old. See....

The 99 years young Ah Mah

Ah Mah used to smoke ciggies (I think it was either Benson or Dunhill), drinks the truly caffeinated local coffee by the mug-fulls and she can at this age still scold you silly or kill you with one of her piercing looks. We used to go out to restaurants to celebrate her birthdays but at 99, she does get tired and needs to lie down ever so often. Hence, it was going to be a home-cooked makan session. Most of the dishes were cooked by her 1st daughter, my Tai Ku Cheh, who is a rather good cook. Together with the maid, she cooked up a vegetarian dish (chai choy), fried chicken, fried wonton, french fries for the kiddos and the obligatory longevity noodles. The people were rather hungry as some were waiting (like mua) since 11 plus to eat. By the time we started eating, it was almost 1:30pm. The way the food was being attacked, it was just like a whole bunch of piranhas attacking a juicy succulent piece of meat.

I decided to compliment the birthday cake which was bought at a bakery at Isetan KLCC with some fruit tartlets. After having put up the Fruit Tart post and receiving suggestions on how to improve the tarts, I decided to do it again but this time as tartlets. Well, I must admit that I cheated a little this time. As I was really short of time to do the custard, I went over to a bake ware shop to purchase a packet of instant custard to do the job. Sure saved me a fair bit of time (phew).

This was how the instant custard looked like before the fruits went on. Tasted quite ok. I think perhaps I will stick to this the next time.

Before the fruits

After the fruits were added

Ah Mah is probably thinking...."don't light me a candle... light be a ciggie"....haha

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twosuperheroes said...

wah Y...your ah mah really looks very strong and healthy for her age! Amazing...hahah..Happy belated birthday to her! :p

YozoraNiteSky said...

thank you supes. i think she is really out to prove all the theories false.. about smoking and taking caffeine :)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

wow happy belated bday to your lovely grandma...just tell her to enjoy and live life to the fullest ^_^

gorgeous fruit tarts...i could only buy them from local bakeries around here heheh

Che-Cheh said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your grandma. She doesn't look her age. Still young and strong. Smooth face too. :)

Btw those tartlets are very cute.

YozoraNiteSky said...

Mucos gracias Rita :). I think these days, she has no, sleep and watch cable tv :). I am sure you are able to make these tarts as your cooking skills seems much better than mine. hugs

che-cheh, thank you for your wishes. smooth face you say.. she uses the bedak sejuk...mmm..i think that must me one of her many secrets to gaining eternal youth haha